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Where does the event happen? AVASK Deutschland GmbH
The Squaire
Am Flughafen 13

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Seller Ticket

You are an active seller and generate at least USD 100,000 in sales per year.
If you buy a seller ticket as a service provider or as an aggregator, we will cancel the ticket. This rule also applies if you identify as a seller, but you are also a service provider or aggregator.

3 currently available

249,00 € plus 19% MwSt.

Service Provider

Amazon sellers are your target group (agencies, tool providers, FBA aggregators and other service providers). The category also applies if you are both a seller and a service provider.​

749,00 € plus 19% MwSt.


You get two tickets for the event and the seller dinner, the opportunity to set up a booth and numerous mentions online and offline.

2.999,00 € plus 19% MwSt.

Online Ticket

Live stream and recordings of the sessions on the main stage.

9,00 € plus 19% MwSt.

Digital Sponsorship

999,00 € plus 19% MwSt.

Additional products

Additional products may not be purchased with the online ticket.

Seller Dinner

Seller Dinner

An exclusive dinner the evening before the Sellerbarcamp. The seller dinner can only be booked by sellers. Service providers cannot book the ticket. If you are both a seller and a service provider, you cannot book the ticket either. The only exception are the sponsors of the event.

49,00 € plus 19% MwSt.

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